Armel-David Wolff, 4D, Genève Ko Go Club, CH

John Walch, 4D, Ishi Go Club, CH

Viktor Bogdanov, 3D, Petrozavodsk, RU

Sylvain Praz, 2D, Neuchatel, CH

Yu-Hua Lu, 1D, Geneva, TW

Lorenz Trippel, 1D, Zurich, CH

Roberto Morrison, 1D, Locarno, CH

Frederic Schlattner, 1D, Zurich, CH

Guillaume Lob, 1K, Genève Ko Go Club, CH

Thomas Koller, 1K, Zurich, CH

Niklaus Haefliger, 2K, Zurich, CH

Dominik Mueller, 2K, Luzern, CH

Haruna Okano, 4K, Lausanne, CH

Sandra Woelffel, 5K, Genève Ko Go Club, CH

Monique Golay, 6K, Lausanne, CH

Peter Thomi, 6K, Zurich, CH

Stefano Bucci, 6K, Varese, IT

Frederic Delaunay, 7K, Geneve, CH

Claude Roy, 7K, Sessa, CH

David Ramon, 8K, Caslano, CH

Guillume Delaunay, 10K, Geneve, CH

Bruno Varini, 11K, Locarno, CH

Marco Piona, 19K, Locarno, CH

Kevin Soares, 20K, Bellinzona, CH


Registered Players

Lorenz Trippel, 1D, Zurich, CH

Roberto Morrison, 1D, Locarno, CH

Thomas Koller, 1K, Zurich, CH

Haruna Okano, 3K, Lausanne, CH

Ronald van Uffelen, 5K, Cuveglio, NL

Stefan Berner, 6K, Bern, CH

Adrian Steinmann, 7K, Zurich, CH

Claude Roy, 8K, Sessa, CH

Bruno Varini, 11K, Locarno, CH

Sebastian D’Alesio, 20K, Lugano, CH


Note: contact directly Hotel Ascona to book a room, and specify whether you are interested in the tournament convention including breakfast/dinner! +41 91 785 15 15

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Welcome to the Open Swiss Go Championships 2017, April 22/23
in the exclusive hotel Ascona****

It is an International Open Tournament announced to EGD preceded by two days of seminar with Li Yue 5D

  • Dates: 22/23 April 2017 tournament,
    20/21 April 2017 seminar with Li Yue 5D
  • Location: Hotel Ascona****
  • Teacher: Li Yue 5D
  • Schedule:
    Saturday 9:30-10:00 players welcome and registration
    Round 1-3) Saturday 10:00 / 14:00 / 16:00
    Round 4-5) Sunday 09:00 / 11:00 (prize-giving 13:15)
  • Pairing: Mac Mahon with topbar (To Be Defined)
    no handicap above topbar, MM H-1 below topbar
  • Time : 40′ base time + 5′ x 20 stones (canadian byo-yomi)
  • Validity: EGD – European Go Database rating (class B)
  • Tournament fee: CHF 40.-
    Thursday & Friday Seminar fee: 80.-
    Seminar with Li Yue 5D + Tournament: CHF 100.-
  • Prizes: 1st 150.- 2nd 80.- and other nice prizes in kind
  • Accomodation: Hotel Ascona with tournament discount price recommended
    Single, North side: 100.-/night
    Double, North side: 114.-/night one person – 190.-/night for two people
    Single room lake view: 142.-/night
    Double room lake view: 190.-/night one person – 260.-/night for two people
    – Prices include breakfast and dinner!
    – Tourist tax not included (4.10 pp/pn)
  • Contact: Roberto Morrison, +41 78 658 66 73 (tournament and seminar)
  • Hotel reservation: +4191 785 15 15

Registration form

Registered players

How to get here

Swiss Go Association


Open Swiss Go Championships 2017

Welcome to the official site of Swiss Open Championships 2017!

An International Open Tournament announced to EGD!

Preceded by two days of go study seminar with top player Li Yue 5D!


Registration Form

Registered Players

You can analyze your games with Li Yue 5D

You and your family can visit Ascona, one of the most beautiful location in Switzerland

You and your family or friends can take advantage of a special price in the exclusive hotel Ascona**** even for some days before or after the tournament

You can come a couple of days earlier and take part to the seminar with Li Yue!


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